Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: When can service hours be worked?

A: Work hours can be worked throughout the season, but we primarily need help during home games.  Parents can also choose to perform their work hours during practice or special events (such as Opening Day).

Q: Where do you sign up for workdays?

A: For the two workdays, please go by the concession stand and ask for Mariella Gutierrez. She will sign you up for the workdays. For game days and opening day, you can sign up with your team parents.

Q: What type work will be accomplished on workdays?

A:  Field and facility maintenance are our primary concerns.  On game days, we will be looking for people to work in concessions or handle the BBQ grill.

Q: If a player is running late and/or sick, whom should the parent contact?

A: Your team parent and/or the head coach.

Q: Where do you find the head coach’s and/or team parent’s contact information?

A: On the left side of the calendar handout you will find the head coach’s name and team parent’s name. You will also have individual team meetings and at that time this information will be shared with parents.  We also provide their contact information on the website under Football\Coaching Staff.

Q: Do parents need to bring water for players?

A: No.  Each team will provide water during practice and during games. After each game, team parents provide some form of refreshment; a beverage and snacks (100% of the snacks are provided by parent support). There is also a concession stand where parents can purchase drinks and snacks for themselves and guests.

Q: What is football certification and what do the players need for that?

A: Football certification is taken place sometime in August prior to Opening Day, it’s a time when the entire league is required to meet at a pre-determined location and provide proof that each child is on the right team in accordance to league rules and their respective age group.  Each player must provide a state issued birth certificate and social security card. Team parents gather these documents and return them to the players’ parents after certification.

Q: Is there anything else the player needs for football?

A: The player only needs cleats, a practice jersey and a mouthpiece (their first mouthpiece will be given to them with their practice uniform). Each player is issued a T-shirt, shorts and socks that should be worn on game days under their game uniform. The league does understand that some parents may want to buy their child Under Armor and bike shorts. If you are one of those parents, the league only asks that the player wear the Under Armor under the game t-shirt. After the game, the child is to change out of their game pants and into their league shorts. The league is very much about uniformity within the team. You will notice that we ask this same uniformity of our staff as well.

Q: Can parents buy league T-shirts?

A: Yes.  The league will be selling Columbia T-shirts and hats throughout the season for parents and other supporters of our league. The league strongly requests no one make or copy our name or logos without league permission.